Double effect 2200W 24VDC power pack - Product_31 - PowerPack_31_093938

Manufacturer: Hydronit - Italy
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Parts of the power pack:

  • 24VDC motor 2200W Ø 114 + thermal switch
  • starting relay 24VDC 150A for Ø114 motors + mounting kit
  • Universal 4 type PPC body for 4 way cartridge valves
  • gear pump group 1 - 2,8cc/rev K series
  • coupling PPC Ø114/125 DC motors with pumps group 1
  • plug 3/4-16UNF basic
  • relief valve 3/4-16UNF 200 bar max
  • 4/3 way solenoid valve, center P to T
  • 2 coil 24VDC ED100% + electric connector DIN 43650-A
  • plug 3/4-16UNF basic
  • 1/4 BSPP holder for SF12 + flexible plastic pipe 12 mm for return line
  • 5l square plastic tank vertical + filler & breather plug
  • suction pipe 3/8 BSPP 165mm
  • standard suction strainer filter
  • 1 relief valve standard return dumpener

Recommended fluid: mineral based oil ISO/DIN 6743/4

Working temperature: -15/+70°C

Tank material: PE-HD neutral/transparent colour (do not expose to direct sunlight)

Size, motor diagram and hydraulic scheme: see attached images

Other technical features and schemes: download our catalogs at

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