Hydraulic power pack for car lift - Lion Type (PowerPack_24_110520) - Mondial Lift Lion

Hydraulic power pack for car lift Lion type - replacement without motor
Manufacturer: Hydronit - Italy
SKU: PowerPack_24_110520
€270.05 excl tax

Parts of the power pack:

  • Universal B type PPC body with 5 lateral cavities
  • gear pump group 1 high pressure - 4,7cc/rev H series
  • check valve ball type 3/4-16UNF
  • relief valve 3/4-16UNF 350 bar max
  • plastic seal for VMDC20 relief valve
  • NC solenoid 2/2 way 3/4-16UNF poppet valve with emergency
  • 1 coil 24VDC ED100% + electric connector DIN 43650-A
  • fixed pressure compensated flow control valve 3/4-16UNF 7l/min
  • hand pump 3/4-16UNF 2 cc/stroke
  • suction/return line pipe 1/4 BSPP 370mm
  • 1/4 BSPP holder for SF12 + flexible plastic pipe 12 mm for return line
  • steel tank adapter for PPC - to be welded
  • suction pipe 3/8 BSPP 180mm
  • standard suction strainer filter
  • 1 1/4 BSPP plug with copper washer on T port
  • 1 relief valve standard return dumpener
  • 1 Giunto speciale per PPC 

Motor-Pump theoretical max pressure: 260 bar 

Recommended fluid: mineral based oil ISO/DIN 6743/4

Working temperature: -15/+70°C

Size, dimensions and hydraulic scheme: see attached images

Assembling/Testing: included

Other technical features: download product catalogs at www.hydronit.com

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